Launch DBBE Blog: Writing From the Margins

Posted on 24/03/2022

Spring has arrived, and so has our brand-new DBBE blog! 🌞🀩

We are excited to launch Writing From the Margins, accessible at We have designed this blog as a space to widely disseminate ongoing research on Byzantine book epigrams. In the blog, you can read the fascinating stories behind some interesting, often little-known epigrams that feature in Byzantine manuscripts and that are recorded in our database.

In a first phase, this blog will primarily host posts written on the basis of the lectures delivered within the Speaking From the Margins series. In addition, we welcome ideas for contributions from scholars, teachers and students on any topics related to metrical paratexts.

The blog posts will be published on a regular basis and will address a broad audience, appealing to both specialists and non-specialists. We encourage you to share the blog posts among your (social) networks and look forward to reading your comments.

The first blog post that we publish has been written by Febe Schollaert, MA student at Ghent University, in the framework of an internship at DBBE. Her contribution provides an overview of book epigrams on grammar.

Eager to write a post for our blog? πŸ–‹ Don’t hesitate to reach out! πŸ“§